MTR Fashion Flair
MTR FashionFlair, founded in 2008, specializes in private label concepts for the menswear industry. MTR FashionFlair offers a total concept of products, enabling our customers to work with a few suppliers only. The various products can easily be matched to both style and color themes. The goal of MTR FashionFlair is to distinguish from the industry by providing the full package of creative concepts, maximum flexibility, made-to-measure service and competitive pricing. Far East communication, critical path, powerful logistic service and cross docked delivery are key words.

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Milko Frischalowski (1965)
Buying Director
Graduated from ‘Meester Koetsier’ School, over 20 years of experience in International Product Development within the Fashion Industry. Milko is responsible for sourcing, buying and technical product support. Milko became a well known player in the Fashion Industry as he has the great ability to combine both his technical and commercial skills.

Teng Janssens (1966)
Commercial Director
After his graduation in ‘Textiles Trade Economics’, Teng started his career in the Men’s Formal Clothing Industry. Soon after, Teng developed into a hands on sales driven professional, by focusing on long term international relationships with his customers. Skilled to develop Private Label collections and design point of sale and packaging. Over 19 years of commercial management experience in the Fashion Industry have enabled Teng to gather his experience.

Ronald Dubbelman (1966)
Operational Director
After his studies in Economics, Ronald started working successfully in the belt industry. His strong ability of ‘organizational selling’ made him a well respected and demanded figure in European fashion industry. Ronald developed into a professional business man, of course using his organizational skills and feel for foreign languages. Responsible for sales, finance and general organization.


MTR FashionFlair has its main offices in Breda, The Netherlands. Situated very close to the main highways and 3 important airports, Schiphol, Antwerp and Brussels, within short distances and convenient access. Breda has a showroom, where customers are being served, collections being designed and the showroom is the obvious creative heart of the organization. Administration offices and a small storage warehouse are in place to be of service to our partners. The reasonable simple set up allows a low cost structure that helps the company to be healthy and competitive. MTR FashionFlair has recently invested in China by opening their own local office. Looking after the communication with factories, quality control, logistics, outsourcing of new innovative products and linking all business together, the China office is already of great additional value to the company and allows a smooth and good organized consolidated growth.


The first and most obvious accessory for every man. MTR FashionFlair offers a high quality garment at competitive prices. Cottons and CVC shirts, directly imported from careful selected, well known and international respected fabric and garment factories. Fabric stock programs have already been developed for several brands and customers.


High quality leather and leather containing belts in a wide range of designs, colors and widths. The basics are offered as stock lines trough a well balanced program for all year runners. New styles are developed continuously and enable our customers to offer new looks all the time. We established a strong relationship with some high quality and reliable suppliers in China, Italy and other European countries, offering us the service needed to be a major player in the European market.


MTR FashionFlair offers a fantastic quality product, made in China and manufactured on very short lead times. This fastness has given us a strong reputation in the industry and the many years of experience have allowed us to become a reliable partner for several European brands and customers. Both silk and polyester qualities are offered as well as back up stock services.
No longer only an accessory to warm up and get some comfort during cold days. On the contrary, the scarf has become a popular accessory for every man’s daily wear, winter and summer. It is a fashion statement! MTR FashionFlair offers winter collections in pure wool, wool mixtures and of course our top quality soft acrylic. Summer ranges consist of soft thin acrylics, cottons, linen and various viscose qualities.

Available in a wide quality and price range, from basic leathers with fleece linings to very up market and exclusive qualities including cashmere linings. All imported directly from careful selected Far East suppliers.

The basic accessory MTR FashionFlair delivers in all price ranges, quality levels and designs. Both top quality European production as well as bulk volume Far East production is available. Very suitable for stock programs in combination with service merchandising. MTR FashionFlair offers the full service and makes this product a very attractive group that does not ask a lot of time of our partners. Just selling!

Whether you are looking for a boxer-short, a basic round neck cotton t-shirt or a high fashionable deep cut tight v-neck pima cotton t-shirt, MTR FashionFlair offers your preferable product.

Dress wear accessories
MTR FashionFlair decided to add this small group of products to their standard ranges. Thinking about the festive periods, just a gala night or formal dinner, the bow tie, cummerbund and silky smoking scarves are must haves. Of course available in both polyester and silk. Very interesting products to be offered in gift boxes.

Rhodium plated, nickel free cufflinks to finish off your ‘Formal looks’. Various styles from basics, via novelties to stylish and flashy exclusive styles. In-house design and creativity. Often delivered in combined gift boxes.


Often seen as old fashioned and purely for comfort reasons, this product is more and more in demand as a fashion statement and in some European countries an all year long running product, delivered from stock. Basic designs, styles and colours.

Boxed Gift Sets
All above products are often offered in combined boxed gift sets. Cardboard boxes, plastic designs or metal tins. All qualities are available in various models, styles and colour combinations. In house designed branding and marketing support are part of this very big group. Where the gift sets originally were popular around Christmas time, MTR FashionFlair supplies the gifts now all year long. This group enables our customers to come up with something new, something extra and fresh.

Fashion Jewelry
MTR FashionFlair apologizes for no longer offering and supplying this opportunity product.

In close partnership with true clothing professionals, MTR FashionFlair offers a very competitive and balanced range of suits and jackets. Produced in the Far East and directly imported, this product group allows the company to offer their partners the full formal pack. Many years of European knowledge guarantee this product to be very reliable. New qualities and younger blocks are in high demand and can be offered on reasonable short lead times. MTR FashionFlair is happy to organize your Never out of Stock running lines. Both storage and full logistic service will be guaranteed.

Department Stores
Department Stores throughout Europe are selling our products. MTR FashionFlair develops private label collections and branded production for this group of our partners. Often in cooperation with various departments, looking after the different product groups.

Supermarkets / Hypermarkets
Bulk private label production with a very high required logistic service level and promotional festive gift sets are in high demand for this group of MTR FashionFlair partners. MTR FashionFlair supplies the Super and Hypermarkets in a lot European Countries.

Multiples are a chain of stores with a clear target group of consumers. Only fashion on all different kind of levels. MTR FashionFlair has partners among the various levels, from low to middle up to the higher end of the market. Many of our multiples partners have stores throughout Europe as well. However, this group is often concentrating on the local markets.

Branded Production
MTR FashionFlair produces accessories for many brands, often in close partnership with styling departments. Product and theme colour development is very important as well as fast responses to seasonal trends.

MTR FashionFlair is continuously working on their own brand label TRESANTI. The label enables the company to offer something unique to their partners. Whether you are looking for a small concept of TRESANTI accessories or you are interested in our TRESANTI shop-in-shop concept, it is all possible. The TRESANTI label is targeted slightly higher in the market. It allows us to use the European creativity and production facilities and guarantees the in house drive to work with top quality products. A dedicated website for this brand is currently under construction.

Far East
MTR FashionFlair is focusing on Far East production. We have very close partnership with the top factories and our focus on long term relationships with our suppliers have enabled us to be very competitive both on quality levels and pricings. MTR FashionFlair has opened a China office. This office looks after quality control, guarantees logistic back up services and organizes groupage shipments from the various suppliers. This way efficiency and flexibility are guaranteed.

MTR FashionFlair is always keen on keeping part of the production for all product groups in Europe. The creativity, fastness, design and flair of European manufacturers are important strengths and are often a good added value. Obviously offered on a slightly higher level.

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